Miscellaneous logos and logotypes

We have considerable experience creating graphic identities commonly known as trademarks or marks.
A mark can be a name, symbol, figure, letter, form or device adopted and used by the client company to distinguish its products and services. These trademarks create an awareness of the company, product, service, organization or event behind the mark and over time can come to guarantee quality through repeated applicaton.
Achieving a useful level of recognition by targeted audiences requires a great deal of marketing and advertising support to be sure and experienced identity designers are an important first step. As it is becoming increasing difficult for both designers and clients to stand out in today's competitive marketplaces, it's important to work with a designer who has the skills and expertise to guide you through the design process and help you achieve the first step in your identity program, which is to create a compelling and enduring visual mark.
Below is a sampling of logos, logotypes and trademarks we've created.

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